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Powers 7182SD Vertigo+ Rod Hanger for 1/2" Rod

Powers 7182SD  Vertigo+ Rod Hanger for 1/2 Rod

Vertigo+ Rod Hanger for 1/2" Rod

  • Powers Fasteners
  • SKU: pfm2211280 UPC: 075352780856 Weight: 3.1 lbs Condition: New
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Product Detailed Description

Powers Fasteners 7182SD  Vertigo+ Rod Hanger for 1/2" Rod, Carbon Steel, Blue Tip

Vertigo+ is a one-piece, all steel threaded fastening system for suspending steel threaded rod in pipe hanging, fire protection, electrical conduit and cable-tray applications. They can be installed in a variety of base materials including normal-weight concrete, structural sand-lightweight concrete and concrete over steel deck. Vertigo+ accepts threaded rods and bolts in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" diameters. Vertigo+ anchors are designed for simple fast installations and for reliable performance in cracked and uncracked concrete.

General Applications:

  • Hanging pipe and sprinkler systems
  • Suspending conduit and cable trays
  • Lighting systems and overhead utilities
  • HVAC ductwork and strut channels
  • Suspended ceilings

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple system for all rod hanging applications in concrete
  • Internally threaded coupler for easy removability of service items
  • Ease and speed of installation and attachment
  • Lower in-place cost, when compared to traditional anchors
  • Can be installed with an adjustable torque impact driver
  • Consistent performance in high and low strength concrete

This Powers Fasteners pfm2211280 VERTIGO+ Rod Hanger (Carbon Steel w/Blue Tip) typically ships within 24 to 48 hours

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