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10 Items 395 Pieces Large Metal Case Nylon Insert (Stop) Stainless Steel Nut Kit

Nylon Insert (Stop) Stainless Steel Nut Kit
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  • SKU: 57700SF Product Size: 10 Items 395 Pieces Large Metal Case Weight: 11 lbs Condition: New
  • $189.96 for 1 piece

Product Detailed Description

 Nylon Insert (Stop) 18/8 Stainless Steel Nut Kit

Large Metal Case Measurements: 18" Wide X 12" Deep X 3" Height

  Stainless:  AISI 303 or equivalent stainless steel

  Hardness: 1/4" through 5/8"-- Rockwell B95 - C32; 3/4"-- Rockwell B80-C32
  Proof Load: 1/4" through 5/8"-- 100,000 psi.; 3/4"-- 85,000 psi.

  Hex nut with a nylon-filled collar at its back end.  When a screw reaches the collar, the threads and nylon form a tight, frictional fit, restricting movement of the screw when it is subjected to vibration.

  Designed to be used with like-material machine screws and bolts.  It is able to be reused more times than a two-way reversible nut.  Steel nylon insert stop nuts are less expensive than grade-C automation lock nuts.  However, nylon will begin to deyeriorate at temperatures from 150°-350° F. has the largest selection of BOLTS, NUTS, SCREWS and WASHERS on the internet
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