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Bio-Circle MAXI 120V

Bio-Circle MAXI 120V
  • Walter Surface Technologies
  • SKU: DCO55D600 UPC: 662980753767 Weight: 121 lbs Condition: New
  • $3,901.50 for 1 piece

Product Detailed Description

If you are looking to create a safer workplace without compromising performance, our Bio-Circle MAXI industrial parts washer is built for you. This cutting-edge cleaning and degreasing system is sturdy, reliable, low maintenance and specially designed for water-based cleaning, allowing you quiclkly power through the most demanding cleaning jobs. When paired with Bio-Circle or CB 100 solutions, our parts washer will transform your cleaning operations, making them easy, eco-friendly, efficient and safe.

Features: Next-generation parts washing systems technology; Large load capacity (220 kg/500 lb); Rugged materials and design; Efficient multijet flow-through brush; Automatic controls; Unique multicomponent filter system includes magnetic trap to collect metal shavings and under-sink filter bag for reducing sludge buildup

Material: All surfaces; All types of metals

This Walter Surface Technologies DCO55D600 Cleaning Systems typically ships within 24 to 48 hours

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