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ACS 9523 "Derma-San" Anti-Microbial Hand Soap (1 Gallon)

ACS 9523 Derma-San Anti-Microbial Hand Soap (1  Gallon)

9523 "Derma-San" Anti-Microbial Hand Soap

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Product Detailed Description

ACS 9523 "Derma-San" Anti-Microbial Hand Soap (1 Gallon)

A high quality, viscous, anti-microbial hand soap formulation which combines natural coconut and vegetable oils with moisturizers and PCMX (anti-microbial agent). Derma-San produces a gentle non-irritating lather which quickly removes all soils and grime from hands. This product is designed for use in a lotion hand soap dispenser. Clear, Gold Heavy Bodied Liquid, Clean Odor.

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