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ACS 4906 "Delight" Foaming Hand Soap (1 Case / 4 Gallons)

ACS 4906 Delight Foaming Hand Soap (1 Case / 4 Gallons)

4906 "Delight" Foaming Hand Soap

  • American Cleaning Solutions

    Made in USA

  • SKU: ACS-4906-1GAL Weight: 40 lbs Condition: New
  • $72.37 for Pack of 4 Gallons
    That's only $18.0915 per Gallon
  • of 4 Gallons

Product Detailed Description

ACS 4906 "Delight" Foaming Hand Soap (1 Case / 4 Gallons)

Delight is a gentle foaming hand soap formulated with natural emollients and a pleasant Meyer Lemon scent that keeps skin refreshed and moisturized. For best results, use this product with a foaming soap dispenser. Clear Light Orange Liquid, Meyer Lemon Odor.

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