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11/16 11/16Hand Reamer Straight Flute

11/16Hand Reamer Straight Flute
  • Drillco
  • SKU: DCO440E144 Product Size: 11/16 Weight: 1 lb Condition: New
  • Regular Price: $82.54
  • On Sale! $41.89 for 1 Reamer
Product Detailed Description

Hand Reamers are widely used for final sizing of drilled holes. The square on the shank end is suitable for holding in a tap wrench or vise. The cutting edge is ground with a starting taper to provide easy entry. The helical reamer is preferred where there is an interruption to the cut, such as a keyway.

Features: Fractional, High Speed Steel, Bright & Black, Straight Flute, Straight Shank with Square

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