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10 10-24 2FL .003 Oversize Spiral Point Plug Tap

10-24 2FL .003 Oversize Spiral Point Plug Tap
  • Drillco

    Made in USA

  • SKU: DCO213A010CP Product Size: 10 Weight: 1 lb Condition: New
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Product Detailed Description

Oversize taps are similar in design to a standard taps, but with a pitch diameter that is usually 0.0050” to 0.0055” larger than standard. Oversize taps are used primarily where a part will be plated or treated after tapping. Available in H7 or H11 limits, in hand taps (2003 and 2005 series) or spiral point (2103 and 2105 series).

Features: Machine Screw/Fractional, High Speed Steel, Bright, Plug, Bottoming, Through Hole

This Drillco DCO213A010CP Spiral Point Taps, Oversize typically ships within 24 to 48 hours

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