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Extra Heavy Flat Washers


Extra heavy duty flat washers are available from Mutual Screw & Supply. As a dependable distributor of fastener products since 1947, we can supply you with thick washers and standard sized units. Large washers machined for heavy-duty applications can give you the extra strength needed for tight and secure fittings.

We offer hot dipped galvanized, extra heavy SAE flat, plain finish dock, zinc yellow extra heavy SAE flat, and zinc yellow plated steel through-hardened heavy duty extra-thick SAE flat washers.

Our catalog includes numerous weighted washer sizes, so you can select the SKU that exactly matches your application. There are many individual units, and they’re just a small portion of our more than 136,000 SKUs, including the leading brands of washers in the industry. Contact us for help finding the right product for your application.

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